Audit Your Data In Minutes, Not Days

DatAdvantage enables you to remove the risks associated with file permissions and auditing. Easily prove to regulators that IT controls are stringent, and manage user permissions efficiently.

Microsoft Windows file servers, including NAS devices like EMC and NetApp lack the ability to quickly see who has access to data and what they’ve accessed, identify excessive permissions, lock down sensitive content, and identify data owners.

DatAdvantage for Windows enables you ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged.

  • Sustainably reduce risk
  • Eliminate operational overhead
  • Increase productivity
  • Adhere to change control policies
  • Prevent data breaches

More Permission Management Options

  • Find and remediate global access
  • Model changes in a sandbox before executing
  • Provide data owners intelligent recommendations on where to reduce access
  • Clean up unused users and groups
  • Automatically email reports to data owners
  • Automate entitlement reviews

Access Control Made Easy

  • With Varonis’ bi-directional permissions view you are only one click away from answering two very critical questions:

    • Who has access to a file, folder, SharePoint site, mailbox, or Exchange public folder?
    • Which files, folders, SharePoint sites, mailboxes, and Exchange public folders does a particular user or group have access to?

    These questions are extremely difficult and time-consuming to answer with traditional approaches, especially considering the rapid growth of unstructured data:

    • 1 TB of data contains about 50,000 folders
    • About 5% of folders have unique permissions—that’s 2,500 ACLs
    • Each ACL has an average of 4 groups

    Throw in multiple platforms with different permission schemes, multiple domains, and nested groups and you can spend hours on end figuring out who can access which data.

Built-in Reports Delivered To Your Inbox

Want to create permissions reports for key stakeholders? Simply run one of the Varonis DatAdvantage built-in reports, such as the User or Group Permissions for Directory, and all data owners will automatically get permissions reports (including the members of each group) for all their folders, and only their folders. Reports can be run on demand or be scheduled and automatically delivered via email or placed in a file share.

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