Security Awareness & Training

Humans are often the weakest link in your information system security, making social engineering testing and security awareness training necessary. Employees and customers are constantly bombarded with phishing attacks designed to trick them into clicking on malicious links, downloading malware or giving out confidential information. Fortunately, there are proven methods for security awareness training; you can track your company’s performance through routine social engineering testing and statistical analysis of the results.

Thomason Tech’s social engineering testing and employee security awareness training services include:

  • Email and web phishing
  • Phone testing
  • Routine testing (ie. quarterly, semi-annual or custom)
  • Customized, targeted social engineering assessments
  • Graphical charts of results

We carefully track your employees’ performance and provide you with detailed reports, including visual graphs and charts, easy-to-read summaries, specific areas for improvement, and comparison with previous test results.

Email and Web Phishing

Do your staff fall for phishing attacks? Test your employees’ resistence to phishing emails and malicious web sites.

Thomason Tech develops a phishing scenario based on your goals. For example, test whether your employees will click on links in phishing emails and enter confidential information into a fake web site. Next, Thomason Tech builds a phishing web site and crafts emails. Once you approve, the test is scheduled and launched.

Thomason Tech carefully tracks unique clicks and interactions with the web site. You are provided with detailed results, including breakdowns by location, role, department, or any grouping you choose. You also receive visual graphs of performance, which help you compare and evaluate results.

Phone Testing

Will your employees detect and report phone scams? Test your employees’ resistence to voice phishing, or “vishing.”

Thomason Tech develops a phone scam scenario and call script. Once you approve, the test is scheduled and launched.

Thomason Tech’s experienced staff make calls in parallel to your employees, attempting to gain sensitive information or access. Results are carefully tracked. Calls can be randomized or directed at a specific list of numbers that you provide. You receive detailed results, including call summaries, specific employee performance, and a timeline of events.

Routine Testing

Track performance over time.

Thomason Tech can conduct the same type of test at regular intervals, and compare performance with previous assessments, so you can track performance over time. You can choose to receive statistics broken down by location, role, department, or a custom grouping. Receive visual charts and graphs which display current results compared with previous tests.

Routine testing is also an excellent way to train employees and make sure your staff stay on the alert.

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