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One problem that continues to plague companies of all sizes is the need to maintain a team of security experts to operate their array of different cybersecurity products. Some products like antivirus don’t require expert skills, but others like Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Firewalls require a level of expertise that goes well beyond the typical help-desk employee’s skill set.

Browse Network Security ProductsThomason Technologies, LLC has deep experience and expertise in these technologies and can often execute in minutes what would take customers hours to complete. Additionally, we often find our experience and breadth of customers helps to stabilize operations. For example, in spite of vendor provided information, Thomason Tech’s experience has on many occasions prevented customers from implementing changes that could jeopardize operations. For example, Cisco recently released the capability to decrypt SSL on many of their devices. Many customers who implemented this feature quickly found the performance impact on their devices dramatically reduced throughput. Networks stopped working and operations were impacted. In contrast, no Thomason Tech customers were impacted as our customers were notified of the negative effects of this new feature and were advised as to how to implement or not implement this new feature.

With Thomason Tech at the helm of your Cisco/Sourcefire solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your systems will be configured to better than best practices and will be operated professionally, saving your organization time and money.

M3 is the acronym for our service to Manage, Maintain and Maximize your Cisco/Sourcefire security products. The following descriptions go into more detail as to what each of these provides.


  • Users
  • Configuration Items
  • Reports
  • Alerting features
    Want a new report created or to add a new user? We do that at no additional charge. It is included in your monthly contract.


We will make sure your systems are running the latest software and rule sets. No longer will you worry if your system has the latest updates. Software upgrades are installed as a part of your service contract or if you already have auto updates installed, we can validate those updates for audit purposes. Without regular reviews, you won’t know if your auto-update has failed — leaving you vulnerable to attacks that could have been prevented. In addition, should we (or you) discover a bug in the Cisco system, we will work with Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and track that bug until it is fixed or a work-around is provided.


We will regularly tune your systems for effectiveness and efficiency purposes. Every sensor will be reviewed and tuned as necessary and the policy updated. Because we do this day in and day out, we know which rules are safe to disable and which need be set to block malicious traffic. We know what causes false positives and under what conditions. We will learn more about your network and tailor your policy for your organization, helping you get the most out of your security investment.

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