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The Network TAP

A network TAP, also know as a Traffic Access Point, is a simple and cost-effective solution for connecting your monitoring, security, or analysis systems to your network infrastructure.

A network TAP is placed between two ends of a network to monitor the traffic flowing between the network devices, whether for network management, security, or analysis.

Unlike common network design that uses a standard network cable, TAPs are installed between the two network devices with a pair of cables. The traffic on a network then flows through the TAP without interruption as it sends a complete copy of the live network traffic to the monitoring port without notifying the network. Network TAPs provide data access and network visibility without interrupting the flow of traffic on your network.

Whether you’re building your own network or connecting other network tools, TAPs enable you to link such products while maximizing your network’s security and efficiency.

These devices can support the following modes – click to learn more:

Breakout TAP's

Network TAPs provide an easy way to monitor your network.

  • Small Portable or Rack Mountable Network TAPs
  • Passive Fiber and Copper DevicesNetwork-TAP-Traffic-Flow1
  • Up to four (4) Copper TAPs in a 1U Rack System
  • Up to fifty-six (56) Fiber TAPs in a 1U Rack System
  • Passes Physical Layer Errors
  • Zero Configuration – Plug & Play
  • 100% Network Visibility

Aggregation/Regeneration Network TAPs

Aggregation and Regeneration Network TAPs provide a safe and simple way to access live network traffic and provide copies to one or many monitoring ports. Aggregation and Regeneration network TAPs allow you to connect multiple Network Tools and Analyzers for your monitoring solutions. We provide more access and visibility for your network.

  • Copper 100/1000
  • Fiber 1 Gigabit and 10 GigabitModular-sm1
  • Supports Jumbo Frames
  • 1 Gigabit TAPs pass Physical Layer Errors
  • Small Portable TAPs
  • 1U Modular Chassis for 4 TAPS with Dual Power Supplies
  • 2U Modular Chassis for 12 TAPS with Dual Power Supplies
  • Fully configurable supporting Aggregation Mode, Regenerating Mode, and Breakout
  • TAP Mode

Bypass TAP's

The primary function of the Bypass TAP is to provide fail-proof network access and operation of an In-Line Sensor. In-Line sensors include IPS/IDS, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Firewall, Content Filtering, and security devices.

Modular-sm1New vulnerabilities are discovered daily. New attack signatures must be added to the In-Line Sensors to address these vulnerabilities. The ByPass TAP is a stand-alone unit separate from the In-Line Sensor. This allows for easy software upgrades or replacement of the in-Line Sensor unit without affecting the Live Network.

The data-path of network traffic in the Bypass TAP is all hardware; this greatly increases the improbability of unpredictable operations as experienced with stacked OS/Software systems. The health of the In-Line Sensor is continually checked by the Bypass TAP via inline heartbeat packets. Heartbeat packets are injected into the In-Line Sensor ports and then as packets are received from the In-Line Sensor these heartbeat packets are decoded. The heartbeats follow a rigorous algorithm that is biased towards maximum network security by allowing traffic to flow through the In-Line Sensor under high traffic and/or packet processing conditions. If the In-Line Sensor is truly failed and not passing traffic, then the Bypass TAP hardware will bypass the In-Line Sensor and allow traffic to flow. In this state, the Bypass TAP continues to test the In-Line Sensor. If the In-Line Sensor recovers, then the ByPass TAP will bring the In-Line Sensor back online.

Bypass TAPs are fully configurable supporting Aggregation, Regeneration, Breakout, and ByPass Modes. Available in Copper 100/1000, Fiber 1Gigabit, 10Gigabit, and coming soon 40Gigabit.

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