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At Thomason Technologies, we specialize in securing your networks against internal and external attacks. With capabilities such as Next Generation Firewall, Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems, File Permissions, and File Trajectory, you will have more knowledge and control over the information on your network than ever before. We offer a variety of products from some of today’s top security and networking companies such as Cisco, Garland, Varonis and Skybox Security. Speak with one our sales reps today to see how we can help you protect your network.

  • Protect against malware with AMP
  • Audit your data in minutes not days with DatAdvantage
  • See every byte without slowing your throughput with Garland Technologies taps
  • Let us help you secure your network with MSSP Service
  • Eliminate the fear of an APT with our best of breed IPS

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David Thomason
David ThomasonFounder/President


In 1985, our founder, Mr. David Thomason, joined the United States Air Force and was assigned to Kelly Air Force Base, in San Antonio, TX. There he was granted Top Secret security access and made responsible for very sensitive classified systems where security was the top priority.

While in this role, David was responsible for developing security code that scoured C2 security logs for anomalous activity. Then, David was tasked with breaking the security of the systems he had been tasked to protect. This process led to the development and acceptance of the first Unix, Xenix and Linux systems used in Air Force Intelligence.

In David’s last active-duty role, he was responsible for the acquisition and management of the largest security database in the world at the time. This database housed all vulnerability and intrusion detection data collected by the Air Force through hundreds of remotely deployed sensors. This database was to become the core of the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT).

After leaving Air Force active-duty, David worked in the same area as a defense contractor. He was a founding member of the AFCERT and was leading an incident response team, responsible for investigating any suspected system compromises throughout the Air Force. In this role, David was the first person ever to have hackers apprehended by law enforcement (FBI or AFOSI) in three separate cases. David also assisted in the collection of evidence and interviews of hacking suspects.

Subsequently, David directed additional development of the same security database he acquired and managed while on active duty. The changes made during this time provided intelligence information to Air Force analysts at record pace. The result was a tremendous improvement in the handling of security incidents, further development of the AFCERT.

In 1997, recognizing the extreme shortage of security professionals in commercial markets, David left government service to provide security consulting to commercial organizations. One of David’s first roles was as a project manager for the largest deployment of intrusion detection systems (IDS) for one of America’s largest banks.

David also created and directed security consulting teams for three commercial organizations and was responsible for winning the largest Security Operations Center contract in history, over $110M.

In 2007, David founded Thomason Technologies, LLC and began providing personal consulting services for organizations throughout the United States. Today, Thomason Tech has its office near downtown San Antonio, TX and is growing rapidly with year- over-year growth of over 60%.